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The Robert Francis Hamilton Award created to recognize a “local citizen and/or business for superior community service.”
Award Recipients:
(established) 1983 Robert Francis Hamilton Family
1984  H. Edward Steele
1985  Bluefield Supply Company
1986  Hugh I. Shott Foundation
1987  Roland C. Luther
1988  Fredrick P. Burton
1989  A. A. Modena
1990  Charles A. Peters
1991  R. W. Wilkinson
1992  K. A. Ammar, Jr. and Richard F. Ammar
1993  Katharine B. Tierney
1994  William G. Carper, Jr.
1995  Bluefield Regional Medical Center
1996  (Not awarded)
1997  Nick Ameli, Jr.
1998  Patty Wilkinson & The Science Center of West Virginia
1999  Nelson R. Walker
2000  Betty & Stelio Corte
2001  Kim & Randy Lester
2002  Paul Cole, Jr.
2003  Frances L. Wayland
2004  Marshall Miller
2005  June O. Shott
2006  Don Neal
2007  Eustace Frederick
2008  B. L. Jackson, Jr.
2009  George McGonagle
2010  Melvin Grubb
2011  F. Kyle Hurt
2012  Sharon V. Borich
2013  Not Awarded
2014  Eugenia Hancock
2015  Gail Satterfield-Bluefield Beautification Commission
2016  Bluefield Union Mission
2017  Bea C. Paine

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