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Lemonade Days

Whenever the temperature hits ninety degrees in Bluefield, folks wait in line for their free glass of lemonade.  Why?  This is "Nature's Air-Conditioned City" and it rarely gets that hot.  Bluefield, West Virginia is perched high above the Bluestone and East Rivers at an altitude of 2,612 feet above sea level.  When it does, the Chamber of Commerce serves the community lemonade to cool down!  This marketing tactic was developed by Chamber of Commerce Manager Eddie Steele in 1939.  Due to the mild temperatures of Bluefield, lemonade was not served until 1941.  The campaign has brought nation attention to Bluefield through the decades.  Lemonade is free to all and served across the two Bluefields by "Lemonade Lassies," made up of young women from the community.  Lemonade doesn't flow freely though.  For example, between 1960 and 1982, lemonade was only served once due to the mild summer weather.  Othertimes, the lemonade cannot come quick enough.  In 1988, the Chamber served lemonade a record seventeen times that summer and in 2007 a record of eighteen days of lemonade was set. Official temperatures are recorded at the Mercer County Airport.

Our thanks go to sponsor Kwik Kafe for the donation of free lemonade served to the community on these special days.

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