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Tazewell and Mercer Counties share a rich heritage dating back to the 1700s that has helped shape the values and traditions maintained by the region’s modern-day families.

The Bluefield, WV area traces its origin back to 1780 when two American pioneers, Andrew Davidson and Richard Bailey, built a fort here to protect their families from hostile Indians.  The land was used mainly for farming until the discovery of the Pocahontas Coalfields, which marked the beginning of the Bluefield area’s development as a commercial and industrial center.

Bluefield, West Virginia, named by early residents for its blue landscape colored by blooming chicory, is a “sister” city to Bluefield, Virginia.  The Virginia city had been known as Graham in honor of community leader and railway surveyor Thomas Graham, but residents voted in 1924 to change the name to Bluefield to reflect the close economic and social ties with its West Virginia “sister.” The event was memorialized by a day of celebration that included the marriage of a bride from Virginia and a groom from West Virginia.

Bluefield Virginia is Virginia’s tallest town in Virginia and Bluefield, WV is the highest city of its size east of Denver, Colorado.

Nature has endowed the Bluefields with spectacular scenery.  The community itself is in a valley, with a level, narrow center section being occupied mainly by the railroad and businesses.   A story is told of Will Rogers, here on a speaking engagement years ago, who is quoted to have said, “if you get tired of standing in Bluefield, you can always lean against it!”]


Greater Bluefield Chamber of Commerce, Bluefield Coal Show, Better Living Show, Bluefield Coal Symposium, Lemonade Days
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